Childcare and Preschool

Two Day and Three Day Preschool – Half day programs

Betsey’s Learning Tree Childcare Center

Betsey’s Little Sprouts Infant/Toddler Center

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4 responses to “Childcare and Preschool

  1. Valerie Dietrich

    I have a 2yr old I’m needing a daycare for 1 full day a week and potentially occasional extra day a month do you take kids for this kind of time?
    Please let me know


    • The best way to check would be to call, Betsey Learning Tree Director, Kathy Bartlett at 740.373.4981 ext. 202. She will be able to answer any questions you have regarding child care.


  2. Hi I was wanting to know how much it is for daycare I actually have three kids the twins are in preschool Tuesday and Thursday they are 5

    I’m actually thinking about putting my two-year-old in daycare when the kids go back to school next year in August . He will turn 3 in October this year
    Wanting to know if there’s any availability how much it would be


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