Exercise Classes

Pool Schedule CurrentArthritis Exercise
This class is designed to relieve the body from the pains brought on from arthritis, but not limited to patrons living with arthritis. People of all ages are encouraged to attend this class.

Arthritis Plus
Looking for a way to move with little to no pain and still get a good workout? Try our Arthritis Plus Water Class. We focus on flexibility, joint range of motion, muscular strength and endurance, balance, coordination and a gentle cardiovascular workout for your heart and lungs. It is a low/non-impact workout for your entire body. Swimming ability not needed, all exercises performed in the shallow end of the pool. This class is open for all ages and abilities.

Ease into Exercise
Have you been thinking about adding regular exercise to your schedule but are a bit overwhelmed at the thought? Then Ease into Exercise is for you. This class will get you out of your armchair and into the warm water of the Betsey pool to increase flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and get a light cardio workout. This is a perfect opportunity for plus-sized women to work out in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Most exercises are done in the shallow end of the pool. Take advantage of the open swim before class to add even more to your workout.


MOV’n Dragon Felicia M. Buell Thriver Program

MOV dragons

If you have ever been treated for cancer and you are enrolled in a class at the Betsey…..the MOV’n Dragon Felicia M. Buell Thriver Program would like to help pay your class fee!

MOV’n Dragons are the cancer survivors and supporters who paddle the dragon boat on the Muskingum River. What does this mean for you? If you are a cancer survivor, 18 years or older, male or female, a resident of the Mid-Ohio Valley, we will contribute up to $50 to help you achieve you fitness goals.

Interested?  Check out their website at www.MOVnDragons.org , or call one of the numbers listed below for more information.

Janet   740-525-4756           Cheryl   740-629-2959           Judy   740-706-4600

5 responses to “Exercise Classes

  1. Billie Gammell

    Very interested in one of your arthritis classes. Have it in lower back. What do you suggest. What are the days, times & cost please. And thank you


    • There are 3 classes available in the pool. Stretch & Tone 9-10 M&W, Arthritis & Joints 10-11 M,W,F, Joints-n-Motion 2-3 M-F. The drop in rate is $6/person. We recommend that you try out the classes and see which works best for you.


  2. Billie Gammell

    Are there ever any later afternoon or evening classes? I work..😕


  3. Billie Gammell

    K thank you. You have been very helpful!


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